In library view, you have the possibility to provide users with individual edit and admin permissions to specific folders – provided you have the necessary rights to do so.

If your corporate design administrator has activated your User Library, you can grant colleagues access to specific folders and their content, for example to work together on the same project.

Simply right-click a folder you want to assign permissions to and click on Folder Permissions. 


Alternatively, you can select a folder and click on Permissions in the library menu.

In this first overview, you can see the list of users that have already been authorized to access this folder. The kind of rights type assigned to the user is displayed to the right of the name of a user (e.g. “Folder Administrator”).


To grant an additional user access to this folder, click the “+” to the bottom left of the overview window. An entry field will open in which you can type either a name, surname, group name or account name of the user you wish to grant access to the folder.

In empower® you can assign four types of permissions: administrator, editor, author, and reader.



A Folder Administrator may add or delete folders or subfolders, assign authorization to other users, and create, update, read and delete content.

An Editor is able to read all content of a folder, and update, delete and create content.

An Author is permitted to add and read content within a folder. He is able to edit and delete items he created himself, however can only use material of other users.

A Reader may use material of a folder, however is unable to make any changes.

The first rights type that is assigned is Reader. You can change the rights type by clicking on the current right type right next to the user’s name and then clicking on the desired right type in the drop-down menu.


In order to deny a user’s previous authorization, select the user and remove him via the Remove button.


Permissions, you grant over a folder, are automatically applied to all its subfolders.  These permissions cannot be reverted without denying permissions to the whole folder. Should you desire to just provide permissions to a single subfolder, you can do so by selecting this folder separately.








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