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To upload an item into the library, select the relevant item and click on “Save”.


Now you have – depending on your selection – the possibility to upload either the Selected Slides, the whole Presentation, the Master or a Slide Set.



In this example, we have selected Slide. Clicking on Save As option will open a save dialog, prompting you to select the folder. Then clicking on Save will upload the slide to library.



You can also save single or multiple objects to the library by clicking on either Single object or Multiple objects.


When the save dialogue opens you are able to select the folder in which for example the slide is to be placed. If required, you are also able to add a folder ad hoc. Following you can adopt the suggested name or alter it, and if required add tags.


If you want to update an existing item from the library, follow these steps. Insert the item from the library into  your presentation and make the required adjustments.

Now click Save As and the save dialog opens. Empower® will automatically notice that the item is already in the library and will suggest an update of the file. A click of Overwrite will overwrite the item in the library.


You also have the option to upload the existing object to the library as an autonomous object. In order to do so, you need to select another location to save it to or give it a different file name. You should only upload an item as an autonomous object when it has nothing to do with the original anymore and is to additionally appear in the library. empower® automatically suggests elements downloaded from the corporate design template folders that you have altered to be uploaded as a new item. This way important templates are not overwritten unintentionally.


To upload several items at once, select all required slide and choose Selected slides in the save dialogue. All these slides will be added to the library as single elements in one go.


The Slide Set option also saves all slides in the library, however only the first slide will be displayed in the library, and you are also not able to access single slides within the library. Once you have inserted the Slide Set into a presentation, you will again be able to access all individual slides. This option is useful when there is a group of slides that are only to be used together. In this way, you prevent a user from using a single slide in a way that it is not intended.


To save a new master, select Master in the save dialogue and then click Save as.


Now a notification will appear which denotes that the master will be saved with all slides of this presentation. This means that not only the master template will be saved but also slides of the current presentation.


If you later create a new presentation with this master by clicking on New, all of these slides will be automatically inserted into the new presentation. This way you can set standard slides that should be contained in every presentation using this particular master.

After clicking OK, you can select a folder on the left where you want to save the master and provide a filename for the master. If you click OK again, a window will open in which you are required to enter information for the Apply function.


 After clicking Apply, a second window opens, prompting us to assign the master to a design in empower®.


Afterward, the master will be saved in the empower® library.


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