Expiry Date

This function is not available in the current version of empower® slides.


You can set an individual expiry date for every element within the empower library, as long as you have been provided at least editor rights. If such an expiry date has been assigned to an element, it will be automatically moved to the recycle bin once it has lapsed.

To set an expiry date, select the element with a right-click and then select “Expiry Date”.


In the calendar, you can then select the appropriate date, or type it into the provided field. Additionally, you can choose the element to send deletion updates once it has been moved to the recycle bin.


With a click on “OK” the expiry date has been set, which is now also listed in its metadata beneath the content overview of the library.


To remove the expiry date, open the menu again and select “No expiry date”.

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