empower Sync

“empower Sync” automatically syncs the virtual database on your computer with your empower database in a regular interval set by your IT department. If you leave your office for a short time period and want to ensure all files are up to date, you can manually run “empower Sync”. There is an “empower Sync” symbol on the right side of your Windows taskbar. With a right click on this symbol, a context menu pops up. Select “Sync now” and empower will immediately start the synchronization process. You will receive a notification as soon as this process is completed.


Should you encounter problems during synchronizing, simply select “Reset” and empower will restore the local data.


When you are on the move and are, for example, using an UMTS-card, you can deactivate and activate regular synchronizing.

When users work in different parts of the world, the empower Sync will now automatically recognize which end points are available, and will connect to the one closest to the user’s geographic location. This offers more flexibility to your IT who can set up additional end points without the need up updating clients. Users who travel frequently will benefit from even better performance.

If library content is not synchronized locally by default, empower will keep all elements that users download and if requested a second time, it will open the element from the local cache - if it is still up to date.

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