Version History

Every time an item is saved to the library, its versions are tracked by empower slides. Version History allows access to older versions of a slide or slide element and the possibility to restore them, as long as editor or administrator rights to do so are provided in the folder these library elements are located in.

A user who posesses reader rights to a folder is able to view the version history of an element, however is unble to restore a previous version of that element.

Once you have selected an item, you can access the version history of a slide or element from the library menu, or by right-clicking the element, and then clicking Version History.


A window will open, displaying all versions of the selected element on a time line, as well as indicating which version of the item is currently open. From here you are able to insert the most current version into your presentation by clicking Insert to the top left of the item preview.


If you select one of the previous versions, you will be offered additional buttons above the item preview.


You can Insert the older version or Restore it and in doing to overwrite the most current version of the item. Select Restore and the selected version will be restored and saved as the most current version.

If the restored element is a root item within an update link, all connected items will also be set to the same state as the root item.


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