Check Out Function

This function is not available in the current version of empower® slides.


Using the checkout function in the library you can display to other users that you are working on an element. This way you avoid discrepancies caused by other users working on the same element.

To check out a slide in the library, right-click on it and in “Collaboration” select „Check out“.


All users receive a red notification on the slide in the library, denoting it as checked out. If a user hovers over the notification on the slide with his mouse, it will inform him which other user is currently working on it.


If you now open this slide in PowerPoint®, you can make changes to it as usual. Afterward, upload it back to the library. A dialog will open, inquiring whether the slide is to be checked in or not. If you do not wish to make any further changes to the slide, click “Yes”. The slide will then be saved to the library and will be automatically checked back in.


You can also check in elements directly in the library. To do so, right-click on the element and in “Collaboration” select “Check in”.


Elements that have been checked out by another user can still be opened and used in PowerPoint®. Via “Insert” you can edit the slide in the currently open presentation as usual. However, if you wish to make changes and then save it back to the library, you will receive a notification that this slide has been checked out by another user. If you now click on “Ignore checkout and save anyway” the slide will be saved to the library, including its changes, but will still remain checked out.


The user who had previously checked out the slide will receive a notification when saving the element, informing him that in the meantime changes have been made to the slide. He can then decide if he wants to accept these changes, or not.

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