Save settings

When saving elements to the empower® library, the save dialogue will provide different options for saving content to the library. In More settings, you can see the option Change Detection. Enabling this element will save only the actual changes to the library. With Save at target, you have the option to set at which location in the target folder the element is to be placed. Insert at the top will insert the element at the first place in the folder, while Insert at the bottom will insert the element in the last place of the folder.



At the bottom, there is an option to assign a language to the element while saving to the library. To do so, select the desired language from the drop-down menu.



More details on the Multilingualism function can be found in chapter Multilingualism.


If you save single or multiple objects to the library, e.g. multiple shapes, there is the option Gray Thumbnail Background under More Settings that enables the gray background. You can now select the target folder and confirm your settings with OK to complete the save procedure.



When saving an element that is already contained in the empower® library and part of an update union, you can also set its update behavior when the element is shared during the saving procedure.


More details on the update functions of empower can be found in chapter Updates.


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