Library (main library)

The “Library” function provides you access to all central PowerPoint® content. Empower grants two ways of how you can work with the library: either you open the library full screen via the “Library” button in the empower tab.


Alternatively, you use quick access from the right-hand side.


Once you have opened the library by clicking on its button a dialog box will open. Here you will see the folder arrangement of the library on the left, which has been constructed in congruence with Microsoft®’s explorer. The library is organized in three parts: company library, user library, and template library.


The company library should contain completed slides and presentations that is to be made available to the whole company. Ideally, all employees possess read permissions and are able to access this crucial company content.

The user library is user specific. Every user of empower has his own library in which he is able to set up his own individual slide library. This is where projects are stored that have not yet been completed and are not to be shared with all employees. Via “Settings”, you are able to assign rights to individual employees to access specific folders in your user library. This way you can collaborate on certain projects. Once other users provide you access to folders they will also appear in your library.

The corporate design template section is accessible by the whole company (granted that at least read permissions are provided) and contains templates, such as for slides, diagrams, and images. This section should be centrally administered, and provide templates with which employees are able to quickly and simply create presentations that are conform to CD.

The “Recycle Bin” receives all items you wish to delete from your library. By default, every one of these items will be irreversibly deleted after 6 days. The length of time until permanent deletion can be extended. Until this time period lapses you have the possibility to restore these items via a right-click; they will then be returned to the folder they were deleted in.


Once you select a folder of your library on the left-hand side, its contained items will be shown on the right. Here an item can be as much as a complete presentation, a single slide, or an object (such as a diagram or textbox). An icon on the bottom right delineates what kind of item it is.



Of course, masters can also be placed in the library. Every item can be supplemented with further metadata such as author, created on and inserts that can be viewed companywide.


There is a menu in empower library which can be expanded by clicking on dropdown next to filter. In the menu you can select the required shortcut options.


The folder permissions can be viewed and changed by clicking on Permissions option in the library menu.


 Clicking on Permissions opens a window that displays all the folder administrators. You can also add or delete the permissions.



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