Design Check

“Design Check” inspects your entire presentation to ensure that it is conform to CD. To run the feature, simply click the “Design Check” button.


“Design Check” lists every noncompliance to corporate design on the right-hand side. The Design Check also inspects each slide to determine compliance to the design affiliated with the current master. If the current master of the slide is not conntected to any design, all designs saved in empower will be used for the inspection.


Here, font colors, fillers, and fonts are inspected in their compliance to corporate design. In addition, empower checks the current master template if font colors, fill colors, line colors, font sizes, and fonts are used in accordance to corporate design guidelines. In addition, the Design Check also inspects if numbering items and bullets used in the presentation conform to those defined in the master and if their color matches the prescribed font color defined in the corporate design guidelines. If content on the slides juts into the logo protection area or outside placeholders, these violations will also be listed. Title placeholders are inspected separately of their color, font, font size, and position comply with the presets of the master.

Each noncompliance is listed by category. Here, you have the possibility to display design violations by slide, or for the complete presentation.


This way you instantly see which fonts are wrong and where your presentation contains fonts in the wrong color. Once you click on an entry, empower automatically selects the slide and the element containing the error. Similar errors are grouped; this way you can instantly correct a whole batch of errors with a single click on. To do so, click on the “X” in the header and select the correct font, then click “Apply”.


If slides contain Elements that lie over the logo protection area, Design Check will list these violations. A click on the entry will select the erroneous elements after which you can move them to their approved position. Wrong numbering items and bullets can be corrected by selecting the approved symbol from the drop-down list. Here, all bullets are listed that have been approved in the master.


If there are title placeholder violations you can quickly correct the titles in their use of fonts, font colors, font size, and the position of the title placeholder via “Auto-Correct”.


The Auto-Correction can also be used for violations in font, font color, and font size if you do not wish to correct each violation individually. When correcting colors, empower automatically selects the approved color of your corporate design that is most similar to the flagged color. When correcting font sizes, empower selects the next size value up or down from the flagged size value to set a font size that has been approved by corporate design. The same is also performed for fonts. You can initiate Auto-Correct for each category individually, or click on Auto-Correct all errors, to bulk correct all corporate design violations individually.


Once all violations listed have been corrected, you will receive a notification that the Design Check has successfully inspected your presentation to ensure corporate design conformity.

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