Agenda Editor

The Agenda Editor assists you in creating agenda and chapter pages that provide your presentation necessary structure.


After you have launched the Agenda Editor you can select one of the available agenda layouts and then begin to type all points in your agenda. By pressing “Enter” you can add them to the list at the bottom.


It is possible to add duration and speaker to every point of the agenda, for example, when the presentation is created for a workshop.


Furthermore, agenda points can be converted to sub items by moving the outline level of an item right or left. The agenda has three levels: main items, sub items, as well as a further sub level (subject to activation of the feature of the agenda).


To change the order of items you can simply do so via drag & drop. You can use the labelled button at the bottom.


A tip for experts: It is also possible to indent and move items with the keyboard. To do so keep Control pressed and use the arrow key for left and right in order to move the levels. Press Control and the arrow keys for up and down to move an agenda point. In order to navigate in between points just use the arrow key for up and down.

To delete an existing agenda point, click on the “Delete” symbol on the far right. Empower will then ask if possible sub items and their corresponding slides are also to be deleted. Please note that the deletion of chapters and their corresponding slides cannot be reversed.


After you have entered all agenda points, you can implement a multitude of additional settings:


You can decide to add an Overview Slide to display all agenda items in an overview which will be automatically inserted before the single agenda slides in your presentation. Divider Slides are an individual agenda slide that is inserted in between your presentation slide. This option is selected by default.


You can also decide whether you require to have individual agenda slides generated for your Subitems, provided your agenda contains subitems. In addition, you can choose to either display your subitems on all agenda slides or merely the current agenda item.


Elements allows you to select a bar with chapter headers for improved overview of the content slides or the navigation bar for direct navigation between the individual agenda items while in presentation view, depending on whether this function has been activated. In addition, you may select to have the page numbers displayed with the agenda items if this function has been activated.


If you have activated automatic updating in the Agenda Settings, all page numbers, the navigation, as well as the chapter headers will be automatically adapted or updated once new slides are inserted or copied to the presentation, or when old slides are removed. If “Create Sections” is activated, your presentation will be divided into native PowerPoint® sections in accordance to the main items of your agenda.


If your agenda contains too many items to fit on a single slide, your complete agenda can either be shrunk to fit onto a single slide, or be spread on multiple slides in order to prevent the agenda to extend beyond its allocated area.


Once you have made the desired settings, you can click on Create Agenda after which empower will automatically create the agenda slides of your presentation.



You can move these slides within the presentation as desired, as well as add further content slides between them. Chapter headers and the navigation are automatically inserted into all agenda slides. The chapter headers display the complete path of the current agenda item, incl. all of its levels.


The Navigation displays all agenda items of the fist level and highlights it. This way you know exactly at what position you are in your presentation.


In presentation mode you have the ability to use the navigation to jump to any agenda item of your presentation. The items are also linked on your agenda slides to allow you to jump to any agenda item with a single mouse click.

If you wish to make changes to your agenda, please do so using the Agenda Editor. Simply click on your agenda in the presentation and select “Edit Agenda”.



Alternatively, you can make changes to your agenda via the Agenda Editor by clicking on the Agenda Button in the empower menu.


Once you have made the required changes empower will automatically adapt the agenda slides. Even though they are in fact native PowerPoint® slides, you should never make changes to them manually, as these changes would then be unable to be detected by the agenda editor. This will then result in e.g. chapter headers or the navigation not being updated. The agenda editor makes these changes for you – even if you change the order of two agenda items your presentation will always be updated to reflect this change: the agenda slides will be moved together with all of their content pages.


Once you have clicked “Create Agenda” empower automatically generates agenda slides. You are of course able to implement these into your presentation and move them within the presentation at any time.

In presenter view, all agenda pages are linked with one another. This enables you to jump between any agenda item during a presentation.

Should you want to make changes to your agenda, please always do so using the Agenda Editor. All you have to do is make a modification and empower automatically updates all agenda slides. Although agenda slides are normal PowerPoint® slides, you should not make any changes outside the agenda function of empower. The Agenda Editor intelligently utilizes all changes: Should you want to change the order, for example, change the order of two agenda items and your whole presentation is automatically adapted.


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