Text and Colors

To format text and shapes use the tabs Text and Color respectively in the empower® ribbon.


The Text and Color tab looks similar to the tabs “Fonts” and “Paragraph” as they are found in the Start Menu within PowerPoint®. In the empower® ribbon they are however linked to empower® and are adapted to the corporate design of your company. Here only those fonts, their sizes and colors are made available, that conform to corporate design. Also, line and fill colors have been set.

Should you want to add content to slides you can adjust it using the tabs Text and Color. Only then can you make sure that all content is conform to your corporate design. The PowerPoint® menu that is opened with a right-click on an object only provides standard PowerPoint® formatting and is unable to guarantee corporate design conformity.

The indent buttons (1) in the empower® ribbon work in exactly the same way as those in the start menu of PowerPoint®, however they give you the ability to design bullet points any way you want (images are also possible) and transfer these settings to whole text blocks.


In the Text tab, you can find an additional bullet button (2) to the standard PowerPoint® numbering button. You can identify it by the colored numbering symbol. If you use this button all numbering symbols that have been preset in accordance to the corporate design of your master will be inserted. Again, the standard PowerPoint® button only provides standard PowerPoint® formatting


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