Using a template

Empower enables you to quickly and efficiently create presentations using centrally allocated content. You can find templates for slides, text boxes, diagrams, tables, symbols, images and SmartArt in the Quick Access Pane, depending on any in-house settings of empower. To fill your slides with content you are able to use slide templates that have been stored in empower. To do so open the folder “Slides” and select the desired template.

There are two ways to insert a slide in your presentation: If you click on “Insert” the slide will be used in your presentation and it will adapt to the master of the presentation currently open. You can now fill this slide with the required content.

You are also able to insert the slide using the button “Keep Master”. The slide will then be inserted as it is stored in the database, however this means that its master may differ from that of your presentation. This may be useful, should you want to implement slides of customers while wanting to retain its original design.


Of course, you are also able to design your own slides! Please click on “New Slide” and select a layout. After this step, you can edit the slide as usual.


Placeholder options are linked with the template folders in empower. Should you, for example, click on the diagram button, a diagram template folder will open and you can simply insert the appropriate diagram template onto the slide. Similarly, you are also able to use all other placeholder options.

All content in the template folder can, of course, also be inserted independently of any placeholders. In order to do so select the desired item and click “Insert”.


When inserting images from empower into image placeholders you have the ability to set the insertion behavior yourself. In PowerPoint® there is a difference between inserting images into a content placeholder in comparison to just an image placeholder: if an image is inserted into an image placeholder, the size of the image adapts to the size of the placeholder. This may result in just a portion of the image being displayed. If an image is inserted into a content placeholder, the whole image is displayed, even if does not adapt to the size of the placeholder.

When inserting an image into a content placeholder from empower you have the option if the placeholder is to act like an image placeholder or a content placeholder. Once you select an image from the Quick Access Pane you can select an option via the cog symbol before inserting the image. The image will then either adapt to the placeholder or not.


If this function is activated, the image will be inserted as it would into an image placeholder.


If you are unhappy with the result, you can click on the grey button the top left of the image, to Insert image completely (analogously to the function of the image placeholder).


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