Clean up

Tools comprises five small tools:

  • Slide protection
  • Layout cleaner
  • Remove animations
  • Remove notes and comments
  • Pack & Go


Slide protection enables you to protect your presentation or selected slides with an optional password.

Layout cleaner allows you to remove layouts that are no longer required with a single click, e.g. layouts that are surplus to requirement after a slide migration to a new master. You can find further information on this topic in chapter Apply master.

Remove animations” completely removes all animations from your presentation. This concerns not only animations on the slides but also transitions between slides.

Remove notes and comments” deletes all notes and comments on the slides of the complete presentation.

Pack & Go” enables you to copy all files of the current presentation in a local folder on your computer, a USB drive or a CD. This function is especially practical if you want to copy your presentation onto a different medium and you want content such as videos to be also copied to the folder.

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