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How frequently are updates made available?
Do I have to update regularly?


How frequently are updates made available?

In order to make empower® better than ever we continuously develop improvements. Once a year we offer an update to a major release of empower®. These versions provide significant improvements and/or new featrues. Below is a timeline of previous major releases:

empower Version     Release Year
v1   2010
v2   2011
v3   2012
v4   2013
v5   2014
v6   2015
v7   2016
v8   2018


In addition to the major releases we also provide smaller minor releases, that a rolled out 3-4 times a year. Minor releases depend on the bulk and relevance of feature requests of clients and are not actively communicated. In order to never miss a release you can follow our Release Notes. Here you will learn about all new features and improvements of empower®.

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Do I have to update regularly?

At least once a year we offer you an update to a major empower® release. There is no obligation for you to accept this update. Of course, we consistently improve empower® and can provide you with the latest version upon request. We do not automatically offer updates to minor releases.

Our Release Notes provide information on minor updates and improvements that have been implemented as part of ongoing improvement of our products. They can help you decide whether you wish to request this update or not.

If you already are in contact with our support in connection to a bug we will inform you via the support ticket as soon as a version is public that corrects this error.

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