empower slides 7.8

empower slides 7.8

Bugs & Improvements


  • User was unable to create or update an agenda on Office 64bit systems


  • Formats and position of shapes were lost on insert operations on Office 64bit systems
  • Inserting shapes with bullets on Office 64bit systems removed the bullet styles from the shape


  • Restored downward compatibility with empower charts 6.4.1499 or below


  • Harmonized text of screen tip and label for "define logo" button in german translation
  • Fixed application busy exception if application was closed and multiple shapes were selected
  • Branding color of layout toolbar was not correctly set


  • If footer placeholder were ignored for the corporate design check all shapes were ignored for the corporate design check
  • The master was changed if an empower bullet was applied. This happened if the bullet was applied to a slide which contained a different master than the slide before it.


  • We reduced the delay while typing in PowerPoint


  • Changed the description text if duplicate slides are uploaded to the library in the same presentation


  • Placeholder were moved if a shape was inserted on Office 64bit systems


  • The layout tools side pane did not display everything in the chosen branding color


  • If a lot of options were available on the presentation settings dialog the window did not show all of the options


  • Sometimes the mouse cursor did not react immediately if multiple shapes were selected and the empower color picker were used shortly after another
  • The title in Adobe PDF Reader did not match the filename provided in the send slides dialog


  • If the roaming profile is not accessible empower was deactivated


  • Shapes were always inserted at the center of the slide on some systems if Office 64bit was used


  • While resetting the sync the presentation cache was not deleted
  • Removing a link from a data table now asks if the link should be removed
  • One agenda customizing could not be saved again without changing the selection of the drop down
  • Feature customizing could contain different languages
  • Font size could not be changed if multiple tables were selected
  • Updates of text elements did not apply the bullet levels
  • If a table did not have any text the font and font size drop downs were not filled with content


  • Presentation were saved in the offline cache if private folders were marked as default sync folder, no read permissions were required and the user did not have any rights on the private folder
  • PowerPoint crashed while pressing F10 or ALT + Space
  • The text while dragging folders gave the wrong impression that it would be possible to copy a folder
  • Applying a shape to a shape in a placeholder did not remove the placeholder
  • Exception when applying a PowerPoint chart to an empower charts chart
  • It was not possible to remove an empower bullet with our button if the bullet was located in a table cell
  • Cut and Copy were enabled in offline mode. These are functions which are not supported offline.
  • Improved undo point handling in corporate design check
  • The availability of the apply master functionality differed between the library and the quick access pane. This functionality was standardized.


  • Changing multiple checkboxes at once deleted all checkboxes save one
  • Exception when deleting all slides of a presentation after previously having an automatically updated agenda
  • Sometimes a not allowed value was applied to a tick label spacing in a chart while doing apply format
  • Sometimes PowerPoint provides a not allowed value for the language id of shapes which we tried to apply to another shape. This resulted in an exception while applying master.
  • Default master was not retained if the user had a default theme defined in PowerPoint


  • empower Sync was incompatible with documenter
  • The last heading in color customizing could be deleted. Now the last heading is hidden if the second to last heading is deleted


  • Copy/Move and Overwrite message box now has skip defined as default command.


  • Rotating a shape over a specific degree resulted in incorrect values for width and height in the layout tools after the user changed the values in the layout tools
  • Language displayed in save as was incorrect if the user uploads multiple elements and uses the advanced screen to change the language of these elements


  • Update of tables resulted in tables being added to the first slide
  • Thumbnails of presentations were not correctly updated if the presentation was uploaded and in the same session edited.
  • empower created 0KB temp files in temp folder which were not deleted


  • memory leak and OutOfMemoryException in picture importer while uploading 800 pictures
  • Outlook window was opened behind PowerPoint if the user used send slides functionality
  • Font size of speaker was not reduced automatically in an agenda


  • memory leak while uploading presentations
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException in presentation importer when uploading a large number of presentations with a combined size of around 1 GB


  • A link to the empower help center was added to the help menu


  • PowerPoint crashed on close if more than one shape was selected


  • We improved the performance in the logic which determines if an agenda should be live updated or not


  • Some presentations could not be downloaded after they were imported using the presentation importer


  • Logos were placed behind picture placeholders if the placeholder occupies the same place as the logo
  • Selecting multiple shapes and moving the mouse sometime resulted in the mouse movement being not smooth.


  • Defining a master field was not possible


  • Spacing in the layout tools could not be applied to single lines


  • One logo can now be defined as default. This logo will be automatically selected if no logo is currently present in the presentation. It is now possible to force the master settings dialog to open if logos are present but no master field was defined as mandatory.


  • Report a bug threw an exception
  • empower charts Gantt charts are now uploaded as charts in the empower library
  • The agenda title was deleted if the user switched to another agenda template


  • Presentation importer resulted in an out of memory exception in large presentations


  • Layout corrector now approximates the correct layout for the first slide and no longer uses the title layout.
  • Video help was not in the chosen empower language
  • Office dark gray theme resulted in missing labels in the quick access pane


  • PowerPoint sometimes crashed if a master was applied
  • PowerPoint sometimes crashed if empower was deactivated


  • Corrected spelling error in message box


  • Quick Access Pane headings did not appear in corporate design color


  • empower now only allows changes to the customizing by one person at a time
  • Removed presentation importer from professional edition because the offline database does not allow connections from different processes. This resulted in the functionality sometimes failing without cause.
  • Presentation importer did not create thumbnail extra-large if the setting was activated
  • Creating duplicates in a PowerPoint presentation did not save all slides to the library if the setting "keep duplicated and save" was clicked


  • empower color picker could not be used in the master view


  • empower did not switch in the correct folder if the user does not have any rights on the corporate design root folder
  • Copying a chart from excel and the apply another chart design to the chart closed the excel file


  • Previews of presentation were not displayed in offline mode
  • Recycle bin could not be emptied in the professional edition


  • empower link progress window could not be opened on some systems
  • Position painter cursor had a wrong offset so shapes hat to be clicked with the center of the cursor instead of the tip


  • Line spacing was calculated and applied to the whole shape. If the shape has different line spacing this results in incorrect spacings. The logic was changed so the spacing is applied to all the paragraphs in a shape.
  • Corrected a few English error messages in the apply chart format logic


  • Check for updates was not called if a presentation was opened using fast download mode (default)
  • Applying some masters resulted in an endless loop while trying to restore the z-Order before the apply
  • Fit to work area button does not work for pictures with locked aspect ratio


  • Same margin did not allow to manually edit the numbers


  • When a master is applied to presentation an extra icon appeared in the middle of the slide


  • Windows does not have the selected empower localization if empower charts is installed


  • Nothing can be inserted when using empower on PowerPoint 64bit on Windows 10
  • Uploading a presentation using the presentation importer created a different checksum than uploading the presentation using empower. If such a presentation was downloaded and saved again using the empower it always saved the slides even if no changes were done to the slides


  • Invitation text for private folder was wrong for all languages except German.


  • Added the possibility to communicate with new empower charts versions so apply format and save work for empower charts elements.
  • Folder in Quap were displayed incorrectly if the user does not have rights on the corporate design root folders
  • The user can now decide if the thumbnail should have a gray background instead of a white one.


  • Overlay buttons and placeholder clicks did not work


  • On some systems nothing could be inserted from the library


  • Opening the new presentation dialog at PowerPoint startup displayed the dialog in the background
  • Added SVG support for icons
  • On Windows 10 the save popup was displayed at a wrong position if specific options and driver are activated


  • Using the layout tools shapes were only positioned by the placeholders and did not take the working area into account
  • The selection pane now uses only PowerPoint logic to save its last state.


  • Opening Presentations with updates from Outlook displayed the update dialog in the background


  • Fixed synchronization so that changes to the language customizing no longer removes all languages in the offline cache.


  • Fixed wrong labeling in the same margin view


  • Intelligent Format Change did not work if the user applied a master with W:33.867, H:19.05 on a presentation with the size W:25.4, H:14.33. We are now able to allow a fuzziness of 5% in which the logic does not need an exact match of the height.


  • On Windows 10 it is possible to define different DPIs on each monitor. This resulted in empower wrongly calculating the position of windows.


  • Sometimes the type selection window could not be opened because an UI resource could not be found


  • On some systems empower displayed completely black windows. We changed the design of the windows so it no longer happens.


  • Selecting many Shapes shortly after another sometimes resulted in moving the shapes to another location. We worked on the performance which reevaluates our ribbon buttons if a selection is changed. The logic now only runs if the user does not do anything for 0.5 seconds.
  • If the user only has reading rights to subfolders and not the whole folder tree the root folders were displayed if the user clicked up in the quick access pane
  • For white pictures with a transparent background the thumbnail was not displayed correctly in the library


  • If the user disabled the option "Force Update" in the customizing tool the user was still able to choose it as the default operation for save as.
  • The context menu in the recycle bin allowed to create new presentations from a deleted master. This is now no longer possible.
  • Saving multiple agenda slides raised exceptions which are now handled.


  • Presentations import did not work in demo version
  • Clicking on Stamp in PowerPoint Context Menu did not show our Stamp window
  • Opening the version history window from the new presentation window left the user unable to do anything on the window.
  • Default master was not removed if the master was deleted from the library.
  • Deeplinks could not be opened if the link contained a trailing "/"


  • Position tools in the layout toolbar now take placeholder in consideration. i.e. clicking left moves the shape to the next left border of a placeholder.
  • Multiply shape now allows the creation of a shape matrix which applies the size of the original shape to all created shapes
  • Apply format overlay above shapes is now deactivated by default. The overlay can be activated in the settings popup of the layout toolbar.
  • Functions in master ribbon are now grouped


  • Sometimes using the presentation importer resulted in corrupt data
  • Using a device with active touch driver could result in ribbon popup windows being wrongly placed
  • Apply master did not work when applying the master only one slide if the slide before this slide did not have the same master
  • The presentation importer always uploaded the thumbnail as 4:3
  • Active Directory wildcard search on logon name did not work
  • Multiply shape did not apply the margin correctly if decimal values were used
  • The presentation importer could upload finalized presentations to the library, but empower was unable to open these presentations. The presentation importer now removed the finalized information from the presentation in the library.
  • Multiply shape was now limited to 50x50 because of performance considerations
  • Multiply shape now only allows values greater than 0
  • Strange behavior on making a group offline available was fixed
  • Exceptions when performing a corporate design check on surface charts were fixed
  • Exceptions when applying text element to a text element without text were fixed
  • Exceptions when performing corporate design check on pie charts were fixed
  • Share delete update with all linked elements did not work as expected
  • Labels in the library are now case sensitive
  • Using Office 64-bit versions on a Windows 10 64bit resulted in the user no longer being able to insert anything from the library
  • Refreshing a larger agenda sometimes displayed a black screen for a few seconds
  • Update resources in library and customizing tool were harmonized
  • While applying charts sometimes an exception happened when applying the line format
  • Having the same slide from the library multiple times in a presentation and then uploading this presentation to the library using the presentation importer resulted in an exception
  • Having the same slide multiple times in a presentation and uploading it to the library only linked the first slide to the original. Now the user is able to decide which action should be taken
  • Some Russian localization fixes
  • The agenda did throw an error if the "create sections" option was activated
  • Exception when applying the format for icons was fixed
  • empower switched to offline mode if the picture importer tried to import a picture with tags longer than 1024 characters
  • Changing your own rights von administrator to author did no longer show the folder in the library for the current PowerPoint session
  • Inserting a text element in Office 2010 did not allow the user to immediately edit the text
  • Sometimes an error message showed the wrong icon
  • Force update only applied the update to direct followers
  • Office added a new registry path on automatic updates where the load behavior of the addin could be. This resulted in the addin being unable to load at startup and having to be activated manually.
  • empower incorrectly needed .net Framework 4.6 to work. This was corrected and it is now able to work correctly with .net Framework 4.5.1 or above
  • Apply Format to icons did not work
  • Presentation settings did not work correctly if a great number of logos is defined
  • Using different zoom settings on the two monitors did not display the color picker correctly
  • Moving multiple shapes in PowerPoint sometimes marked one of them as reference shape
  • Inserting a table on a slide resulted in an exception if the slide was not the last slide in the presentation
  • empower professional could not be deactivated by using the start menu links
  • Apply master did show a message that the intelligent format change could not be applied if the aspect ratio was nearly identical but not the same
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