empower slides 7.5

empower slides 7.5

New Feature


Improved Agenda

  • You can now use number formats with leading zeros (e.g. 01, 02, 03). On top of that the second and third level can have decoration elements in their highlighted states.


Design Check on save

  • When opening or saving a presentation, a notification about design errors - if at least one error was found ­- can be displayed. By clicking a button in the notification a full design check can be triggered.


Master influence the page size

  • Applying a master now changes the page size of the presentation to fit format of the new master.


Three new smart objects 

  • There are three new smart objects in empower: an unchecked checkbox, a checked checkbox and a crossed checkbox.


New Layout Tools Button

  • It’s possible to set the inner margin of the selected elements, according to the default margin, predefined in empower. This feature includes optional default margins for tables.


Invisible Corporate Design colors

  • Now it’s possible to define colors that will pass the corporate design check but are not visible in the color chooser.


Slide transitions remain after master

  • Slide transitions are now copied from the assigned layout when applying a master through empower.


Improved Corporate Design Check

  • The corporate design check now checks if the title has a correct font and checks the agenda title for fill and line colors.
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