empower charts 7.1

General improvements:

  1. The user interface of a chart will now be displayed faster upon selection of a chart and is now displayed on two steps (first deactivated, then activated)
  2. empower slides ribbon integration was improved when empower charts 7. 1 is used together with empower slides 8.0 (or higher): some functions are grouped, and the arrangement within the ribbon was optimized.
  3. General performance improvements

 New Features in data charts

  1. Smaller improvements for isolated issues, as well as resolution of misc. smaller bugs

New features in Gantt charts

  1. Speed improvements of Gantt charts (smaller lags during editing).
  2. Individual rows can now be highlighted with different colors.
  3. Divider lines between rows can now be formatted (to visually group/divide rows).
  4. Enhanced formatting options: phase arrow captions can now be moved, phase arrows and data lines can now be formatted, tasks can now be hatched.
  5. The default labelling of tasks is now the duration of the task.
  6. The borders of elements on the timeline can be configured within the Customizing, to improve readability on printouts.
  7. technical improvements (stability and performance), as well as resolution of smaller bugs.

Known issues / limitations

  1. Breaks and arrows are currently not supported for the secondary axis.
  2. If the preview mode is activated in Explorer and PowerPoint® is launched, empower charts is currently unable to be launched in parallel. Currently, the Explorer preview should not be used for presentations. This issue will be addressed in a future version of empower charts.
  3. Empower 7.1 is no longer compatible with Office 2007.
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