empower charts 7.0

General news

  1. PowerPoint launches faster as we have removed the slight delay that was caused by empower® charts
  2. If needed (and if coordinated with us) empower charts can work with multiple customizing designs. The user can then switch between customizing designs or convert charts.
  3. If empower slides is not installed, the empower charts buttons are still shown in the insert ribbon tab and now also in the start tab.

New functionality within data charts

  1. Multiple waterfall charts can now be displayed next to each other within one chart.
  2. Waterfall bar charts are now supported (previous empower® charts versions only supported waterfall column charts).
  3. Waterfall charts can now also be reversed (e.g. from right to left).
  4. It is now possible to create Excel links to files that are stored within SharePoint.
  5. The legend (or the series names) can be shown directly within the chart (e.g. next to the first column in a stacked-column-chart).
  6. In all charts the user can configure if the data series are in rows or in columns in the underlying Excel file. Further the user can switch the data orientation if needed.
  7. Date axis are now supported – e.g. within a line chart with dates on the x-axis, the user can configure the step-size, e.g. n days, m months etc.
  8. The CAGR calculation is now aware of the step size on the x-axis.
  9. Undo is now generally supported for simple scenarios within empower charts and redo in many cases.
  10. Data series can now be turned off/on in an easy way
  11. Within Area-Charts sum labels are now also supported.
  12. Within Clustered-Charts the value labels can now also be placed on top of the columns/bars.
  13. Text can be added in front or after data labels (Prefix, Postfix).
  14. Delta arrows and value lines are now shown in the top area for bar charts.
  15. Big performance improvement related to all larger data operations (e.g. when creating or modifying breaks).
  16. Other technical improvements related to stability and speed, further a number of smaller bugs have been solved.

New functionality within Gantt charts

  1. Milestones now have snapping points for their labels.
  2. Eliminated the “jumpingeffects” that can occur when moving an element.
  3. Other technical improvements related to stability and speed, further a number of smaller bugs have been solved.

Known limitations / problems

  1. Breaks and arrows are currently not supported for the secondary axis.
  2. If the preview mode is activated in Windows Explorer, and if due to this review PowerPoint starts, then empower charts is currently not started. Currently, the Windows Explorer preview for presentations should not be used. This topic will be treated differently in a future version.
  3. In Office 2007, PowerPoint may unexpectedly quit when certain shapes in charts are selected by the user. This is a known MS Office bug. Unfortunately, as Office 2007 reached its end of support on October 10, 2017, Microsoft will not be fixing this bug.


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