empower slides 6.3

empower slides 6.3

New Features



  • The Update Center allows launching updates centrally to all connected elements. Previously, every update had to be implemented manually. In addition it is possible to identify the saved location of every connected slide in the empower library at a single glance via their path.

See manual, chapter 4.5


Default master 

  • Any master can be set as the default master. This way, the correct master will not have to be selected every time a new presentation is created.

See manual, chapter 2.2



  • Slides in a presentation located in the library receive visual numbering in accordance with the page number of the slide. This way, slides in large presentations can be identified faster.

Protected presentations

  • Saving of protected presentations is now supported

New filter

  • New filter "Show only elements with available update" was implmented.

SaveState for"Save as"

  • During a Power Point session, the last save location is displayed with a click on "Save as"

Sync All Folders

  • Via the empower Customizing button (visible for administrators) it is possible to make a global setting that will mark all (future) folders in the company library as offline folders. It is also possible to set whether this setting is to be applied to all previously existing folders.

See manual, chapter 6.3


CD administrators

  • CD administration can now be managed with the empower Custom Tool. Previously, this had be to performed via the database.

See manual, chapter 6.9


Close CD-Check

  • The side bar of the CD Check can now be closed by clicking on a button on the side bar.
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