empower slides 7.4

empower slides 7.4

New Feature


New corporate design folder “videos”

  • Using the customizing tool the new folder ‘videos’ can be activated and if necessary deactivated. On top of that empower displays the video folder, if activated, by clicking on the videos button in a PowerPoint placeholder.
  • Newly saved embedded videos will now be saved with the type ‘video’ in the database and can also be filtered on this new type in the library.


Corporate Design ‘online pictures’// ‘clip arts’

  • Clicking on the ‘online pictures’ button (2013 or above) or ‘clip arts’ (2010 or below) in a PowerPoint placeholder displays the corporate design matching results. This option can be activated, deactivated or restricted in the customizing tool.

Pictures in content placeholders

  • Inserting pictures from the library in usual content placeholders uses now the same logic as image placeholders. This option can be activated and deactivated. After inserting the picture an overlay button is shown to use the opposite operation.

Improved linked table

  • Creating linked tables is now possible with using the first row of the excel data as headers.
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