empower slides 7.2

empower slides 7.2

New Feature


Extended Layout Tools

  • empower offers additional layout tools to position and align elements.


New arrangement of the Layout Tools

  • The layout tools are now located in their own side bar to provide a better overview.

Improved agenda

  • If the agenda is too large for one slide it can be split into multiple slides or scaled to fit on one slide.
  • The text size is reduced automatically it only uses font sizes defined in the corporate design.
  • Content slides can now display agenda navigation that has hyperlinks to the first level agenda points (customizing pending).
  • Automatic updates on the agenda (slide numbers or navigation) are now performed if slides are added, removed or moved in the presentation.
  • Overlay buttons (like in empower Charts) are now available to refresh or edit the agenda.
  • Objects placed on the agenda slides (i.e. pictures) are now maintained on agenda updates.
  • Native section can be created for agenda points.
  • An agenda can have now up to 3 levels (customizing pending).
  • An agenda that has been created in a former version of empower is supported in the new version.
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