empower slides 7.0

empower slides 7.0

New Feature


Apply master

  • If you apply a master to a slide or a whole presentation, that contains a different aspect ratio, empower will adapt the old presentation automatically to the new aspect ratio. This way it is prevented that images or background graphics become distorted.
  • See manual chapter 5.2


  • If you wish to give users access to a folder in your user library, you have the possibility to notify this user via email.
  • See manual chapter 3.10

Check Out function

  • The checkout function in the library allows you to check out an element and display to other users that you are working on a document. This way you avoid discrepancies caused by other users working on the same document.
  • See manual chapter 3.6


  • Multiple corporate designs can be placed in empower 7. A design can be assigned to one or more masters and contains predefined colors, fonts, and one or several agenda templates. You can also optionally create a template folder for each respective corporate design.
  • See manual chapter 3.11

Label function

  • Elements in the library can have labels assigned to them that are then directly displayed in library view.
  • See manual chapter 3.7

SaveState for „Save as“ 

  • Within a PowerPoint session, you can see the last storage location by clicking on „ Save as“.

Sync All Folders

  • By using the empower customizing button (only visible to administrators), you can globally set that all (future) folders in the company library will be offline folders. You can also (retroactively) set all existing folders as offline folders.
  • See manual chapter 3.13

CD Administrators

  • From now on you can manage the CD admins with the empower customizing tool (before this had to be done via the database).
  • See manual chapter 6.10

Close Design-Check

  • The „Design-Check“ sidebar can be closed by clicking on the close button on the sidebar itself.
  • See manual chapter 2.14

Optimization „Excel link“

  • For every Excel table that is integrated in a slide by using the  „Excel link“ feature, it can be selected if the table will be updated automatically when the slide is used or if the update has to be performed manually.
  • See manual chapter 7.1

Multilingualism of elements

  • By using the “Multilingualism” feature, a language can be assigned to any element in a presentation. If the same element has several languages assigned to it, a “language union” can be established. This connection enables you to replace, for example, an English slide or presentation for the equivalent German version.
  • See manual chapter 3.9

New UI-Design

  • empower got a new modern look and feel. Independent of your screen resolution, the empower menu is more clearly structured and provides an ideal view.

Faster Downloads of Presentations

  • Thanks to a new technology (XML-Compiler) presentations will download in half the time like before.

Display of the Presentation name

  • After downloading a presentation, the presentations name is displayed in the PowerPoint window.


Undo after empower Operations

  • Now you are able to Undo e.g. every change that was made by the Design Check, when using the PowerPoint Undo-Button. Until now it was only possible to Undo all changes at once.
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