documenter 2.2

documenter 2.2 – Release Notes

New features



  • Up to 3 profiles can be inserted into the same template simultaneously
  • Each profile data field can be individually synchronized with the Active Directory
  • Support of profile translations for every language contained in the database
  • The profile is now saved to the database. This allows users to access the most current version of a profile with individual amendments and translations


Company logo

  • Each company in the database can have a logo assigned to it together with its location data
  • Each company location can receive an individual location logo
  • Each logo can have a translation (e.g. slogans, names, etc.)


Template language

  • Each company form can now display any number of languages



  • The notation of the date adapts to the conventions of the selected language


Footer appearance

  • Each element of the footer can have their style assigned to it



Bugs & Improvements


  • General user interface and performance optimizations
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