How do I provide a new user with permission to a current folder in empower?

In library view, folder administrators have the possibility to provide users with individual edit and admin permissions to specific folders.

If you are a folder administrator, simply select a folder you want to assign permissions to and click on the “Settings” symbol at the bottom. In this first overview, you can see which users have what kind of authorization for this folder.

In empower you can assign four types of permissions: administrator, editor, author, and reader

You are able to view information on user roles and their permissions at any time when you hover with your cursor over the question mark on the right site.

You can change the permission of an existing user by selecting the required user role under “Rightstype” in the overview. To provide a new user with permission to the current folder, click on “Add”.

Search for the user on the Active Directory via one of the mentioned criteria. Then select the desired user from the list of results, select the type of permission, and add him by clicking “Ok”.

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