How can I add further corporate design administrators?

To add an additional "Corporate Design Administrator", you can click "Settings" on the "Customizing empower" menu. You will now see the item "CD Admin Users", here you can add more "Corporate Design Administrators".

If you want to make the user to a folder administrator at the same time, you can use our "empower Server Wizard".


Usage Notes:

  1. Start the "empower Server Wizard"
  2. Select "Administer to existing installation" on the screen "What would you like to do?"
  3. Connect to your empower® database (screen "Connect to Server")
  4. Skip the screen "Create SQL Database Users" by answering the question "Create Database Users?" with "No"
  5. Skip the Screen "Settings" directly by clicking on "Next"
  6. Now enter the user you want to add in the Screen "empower Admin Users" and confirm your changes with "Next"

Note: The "LogonName" must be specified in the format "domain\username" (Example: mio\daniel_schmidt)

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