How do I install empower® enterprise / library?

After the customizing process you will receive an installation package that contains a customized database backup, the search service installation, our Server Installation Wizard and the actual empower client.

You may follow the below steps to install empower®:

  1. Copy the database backup (.bak file under Server Installation\empower database) to your SQL-Server
  2. Copy the empower® Server Wizard (Server Installation\empower Server Wizard.exe) and the “empower search” folder to your Application Server
  3. Run the empower® Server Wizard (empower Server Wizard.exe) on your Application-Server

  4. Choose “Start new server installation” in the screen “What would you like to do?”

  5. Confirm the “Introduction and Requirements” screen

  6. Establish a connection to your SQL-Server with a user who has the appropriate rights to restore a backup in the screen “Connect to Server”

  7. Choose the backup file to restore in the screen “Restore Database Backup”

  8. “Create SQL Database Users” for the prepared Active Directory Group(s)

  9. Provide the general empower® settings in the “Settings” screen. Here you will need to change at least the setting “Search Service Server”

  10. Create the initial administrative users in empower in the screen “empower Admin Users”

  11. Define how you want to install the empower search service in the screen “Install empower search?”

  12. Generate the connection information in the screen “Create Connection Information for Clients?”

  13. Finish the Installation Wizard

  14. Deploy the empower® Client and the created registry files (containing the connection information) to the users
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