What are Profiles?

Clicking on the “Profiles” button will open a list of all employee profiles of your company that have been locally saved. Their information will be automatically entered into a document upon opening from the template library. Alternatively, you can also change the profile with a document already opened.

A click on “Manage Profiles” will open a new window. A grey cog symbol is located to the right of a local profile. Click on it to edit the contact information of the selected profile. The window that will open is identical to the window that opened when first setting up your profile. In the top right of this window is a button with two interlocking arrows. Clicking it will synchronize the contact information with the data of your company’s Active Directory. Doing so will load the original data from the Active Directory, however any local changes made in documenter will be lost and may have to be re-entered. Information you add in the profile setup will not overwrite the information in the Active Directory.

You are also able to search for new contacts. This option is especially useful if a secretary’s office is to write a letter in the name of a director. Simply type in the desired name, and it will be displayed in the list on the left. Clicking “Add” will add this contact to your local list on the right. You can now select this profile in the dropdown menu by clicking “Profiles” in the documenter menu in Word®.

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