empower charts 6.0


  • Waterfall diagrams now show the total sum when using one x per column. The previous behaviour is still available by using two or several x in the column.
  • Waterfall diagrams can now grow into the negative area.
  • Format and color adjustments which were changed by the native tools in PowerPoint are not discarded anymore.
  • In a bar chart, seperate series can now be changed into lines. Using this it is possible to build mixed diagrams of lines and bars.
  • A chart that is linked to an excel-table now has a button opening the Excel-file which is linked to the chart.
  • The primary and secondary axes can now be added and configured in the diagram properties.
  • In a stacked bar chart, it is now possible to show the series names as data labels.
  • Starting PowerPoint has been speed up
  • Number formats are more stable
  • Siemens number formats were included and corrected.
  • The function changing the font size in a diagram now also changes the font size in proportion a manual set size.
  • Oval frames can be added around the text by different lines.
  • Intelligent labels: data labels are adjusted to avoid overlapping with each other.
  • Diagrams are only fit in a placeholder if the placeholder is selected or the cursor is currently in that placeholder.
  • If the standard value (the average) of a value line is not changed, the value line will adapt automatically when the average is increased or decreased.
  • Normal Charts (not Gantt Chart): The “Automatic Layouting“ function has been removed. In its place, there is now the same manual mode as in the Gantt chart, disabling all empower Charts functionality for that chart.
  • Excel-links are now more stable concerning changes of the data in the source file. If the linked data moves to another position, the link will update accordingly.
  • Excel-links: If both the source file and the PowerPoint presentation are open, changes in the source file will directly update linked diagrams
  • The following data transformations are now possible:
    • Sorting columns by total sum (ascending and descending)
    • Inversing the series order

    • Switch between rows/columns


Gantt Chart

  • In the Gantt Chart, it is now possible to set the alteration to only highlight the weekends. If there is no alternation the Gantt Charts shows lines instead.
  • It is now possible to create, change, delete, export and import custom holidays
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