empower charts 6.4

New functions of data charts

  1. The formatting of data charts that have been saved in the empower library can now be applied to an existing data chart by clicking “Apply”.

  2. Native Office charts can be converted to an empower chart (subject to data compatibility). This can be performed in 2 ways:
    1. The formatting of an empower chart saved in the empower library can be applied to an Office chart
    2. With a native Office chart selected, an empower chart is then inserted via the empower ribbon (replacing the existing Office chart).

  3. The same method (as specified in 2.) can be used to convert empower charts to other empower charts types.

  4. empower charts are now fully compatible with the layout functions of empower slides.

  5. Data labels in charts now move relative to changes to the chart even after manual positioning (e.g. after changes in the data or resizing of the chart).

  6. Drawn out data labels of pie charts now rotate relative to changes to the chart (e.g. data changes); they also have room above and below the chart.

  7. Increased performance of line, dot and bubble charts that have a large number of data points.

  8. Increased performance of Excel links

New functions of Gantt charts

  1. Gantt charts can now accomodate more content (less required space).

  2. In the case of Gantt charts containing a lot of information (and text sizes becoming very small), the font size can be increased to its maximum (via Properties / “Maximize Font Size”, please note: the bar height of a chart should be increased beforehand in order to allow larger fonts.

  3. The width of the cell labels column (left) and the notes area (right) can now be adjusted using the mouse in the header area.

  4. You are able to insert vertical lines per time unit (e.g. months, quarters, etc.).

 General improvements

  1. Charts can now always be deselected with a single click.

  2. Miscellaneous smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Known limitations / issues

  1. A chart created with empower charts 6.4 can not be edited with older versions (the add-in has to be deactivated if manual modification is required).

  2. Breaks and arrows are currently not supported for the secondary axis.

  3. If PowerPoint is launched via activated preview mode in the Explorer, empower charts does not launch synchronously. Currently it is advisable not to use preview mode for presentations. This issue will be resolved in a future version.

  4. Users of empower charts with Office 2007 may experience crashes when manually moving shapes within the chart (known MS Office bug, that regrettably will no longer be solved by Microsoft). Due to the advantages of the glass pane, this issue will only occur in manual mode. Users of Office 2007 are advised to click on a free area in the chart in order to activate it.
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