empower charts 6.3

New functions for data charts

  1. In line charts, line types (e.g. dashed) as well as marker types (for data points) can be easily set via the empower charts interface.

  2. For data labels, a prefix (text) can be added in front of the value of the figure.

  3. Settings and formatting for axes can now be implemented directly on the axis.

  4. Now the X-axis of scatter and bubble charts can also be set using empower charts.

  5. Buttons of empower charts are now accessible in the empower ribbon (if empower is installed).

  6. While holding the Ctrl key, multiple data labels can be selected and reformatted.

  7. While holding the Shift key, data labels can only be moved vertically or horizontally.

  8. Miscellaneous smaller improvements and fixes for various smaller bugs.


New functions for Gantt charts

  1. Delays displayed by the Gantt chart now be set as visible or invisible as required.

  2. Optimized behavior for resizing - e.g. large-scale shrinking of a chart will now also affect the font size - the user has the ability to revert this change

  3. The Gantt chart also supports the displaying of quarters in the timeline; further settings of calendar or company-defined quarters are also available.

  4. Miscellaneous smaller improvements and fixes for various smaller bugs.


Known limitations/issues

  1. Breaks and arrows are currently not supported for the secondary axis.

  2. If PowerPoint is launched via the activated preview mode in the Explorer, empower charts does not launch synchronously. Currently it is advisable not to use preview mode for presentations. This issue will be resolved in a future version.

  3. Users of empower charts with Office 2007 may experience crashes when manually moving shapes within the chart (known MS Office bug, that regrettably will no longer be solved by Microsoft). Due to the advantages of the glass pane, this issue will only occur in manual mode.
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