empower charts 6.2

New functions of charts
  1. Introduction of a “glass pane” for easy and intuitive editing of chart elements – when a chart is selected a pane is overlaid over the chart to enable direct editing (similar to Gantt). Currently it is possible to change the color of data points as well as to move and format labelling on the glass pane.
  2. Increase of supported number formats (e.g. it is now possible to use percentages as well as custom number formats).
  3. Number format of a secondary axis can be set individually.
  4. Arrows (on glass pane) can be edited post hoc. It is also possible to invert their direction. Arrows can now also be used in grouped charts within a series.
  5. A legend can be easily inserted and moved (on the glass pane, incl. adjustment to size of chart).
  6. Optimization of size matching and scaling of charts (in order to make them commensurable), as well as improvements to their general size properties (e.g. in regard to arrows and legends).
  7. Breaks are now also supported for displayed axis and waterfalls.
  8. Excel links – noticeable speed improvements as well as smaller optimizations (substitution of individual / multiple Excel file links).
  9. Double click on chart facilitates data editing.
  10. Shading can be applied to charts (once they have been defined in customizing).
  11. Data labels now have guide lines in all Office versions (if they are positioned outside the column).
  12. Diverse technical improvements (concerning speed and stability) as well as correction of various smaller bugs (for example concerning number formats on axis).

New functions for Gantt Charts
  1. A dedicated date format can be set for every Gant chart individually (all possible date formats a defined in Customizing).
  2. Elements in a Gantt chart can now also be moved via the date picker.
  3. Optimization of vacation calendar (expansion of set vacation + possibility to import/export own vacation time). In addition vacation time can now be entered or deleted individually.
  4. Optimization of row height (requires less room in sum).
  5. Rows can now be inserted between two existing rows.
  6. Header in note area.
  7. Various technical improvements (concerning speed and stability) as well as correction of various smaller bugs.
Known limitations / issues
  1. Breaks and arrows are currently not supported for secondary axis.
  2. Charts created with version 6.2 may lead to smaller issues with older systems (e.g. data labels may need to be deactivated and reinserted). It is however advisable to change to the newer version of 6.2; all charts created with 6.1 can be used in 6.2.
  3. If preview mode is activated in the Explorer which starts up PowerPoint, empower Charts is no longer started as well. The Explorer preview should currently not be in use. This issue will be solved differently in the next version. Crashes are expected when editing charts manually while using Office 2007 (known MS Office bug that is regrettable no longer being corrected by Microsoft) – this issue, however, will now only occur in manual mode due to possibilities of glass pane
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