empower charts 6.1


  1. Gantt: Highlights can now be removed correctly.
  2. Gantt: In some constellations, text fields have lost the keyboard focus. This has caused problems mainly with the delete key.
  3. In some constellations, the Gantt has been expanded beyond its borders, which has caused problems in further usage.
  4. Gantt texts were unnecessarily shortened when they started with a whitespace.
  5. The label color of Bar Tasks was white and therefore hard to read.
  6. The display of the collapse / expand triangles could get lost.
  7. After deleting all the contents of a label, it will be hidden and has the default label again.


  1. Delta lines and growth arrows now work properly in clustered column diagrams.
  2. In rare cases all series could be switched to the secondary axis.
  3. Excel number formats are now applied correctly when using breaks.
  4. Font sizes are now applied correctly to secondary axes.
  5. For linked charts, user guidance has been simplified and the "Edit Data" button has been removed.
  6. An error related to non-numeric values ​​in linked Excel tables has been fixed.
  7. Charts with several axes can now be linked correctly with Excel.
  8. Bug fix related to updating linked charts if the presentation uses several masters.
  9. After "Switch rows / columns ", the graph size is adjusted due to the changed legend.
  10. After change of sorting and in one other very rare case with linked waterfalls, incorrect color assignments occurred.
  11. There are now no breaks possible in 100% charts. In future versions, a percentage break will follow.
  12. Breaks are now only applied to series on the primary axis.
  13. In rare cases, huge font sizes could occur.
  14. The note labels no longer get reset.
  15. Charts now react more smoothly to the insertion of new arrows.
  16. Small performance improvement for waterfall charts.
  17. In the scatter chart, the marker icons were unified.
  18. Customizing: Axis labeling is now everywhere "low".
  19. Smaller layout enhancements in diagrams.


  1. If the preview mode is activated in Windows Explorer, and if due to this preview PowerPoint starts, this caused a crash of PowerPoint. This is now solved by a workaround (empower charts does not start with PowerPoint in this case).
  2. Clear warning when using breaks in currently not supported cases.
  3. Some texts have been adapted.
  4. Log level is now low (slight performance improvement)
  5. Change format (empower function) can no longer be applied to Gantt charts.
  6. Smaller UI improvements.
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